Strict Diet Secrets Performance Okay So Aguero

Strict Diet Secrets Performance Okay So Aguero

Manchester – Sergio Aguero got up this season after last season’s performance is less okay because of the barrage of injuries. Strict diet secret behind the appearance of the Manchester City striker.

The current City nosedive amid appearance and finish the season without a title, derby club Manchester United was at least “entertainment” when a great opportunity Aguero won the Golden Boot this season.

Trigolnya goal Queens Park Rangers last weekend made Aguero leading in the list of top scorer with 25 goals, winning five goals on Harry Kane.

Aguero total this season already make 31 goals in all competitions, which is the highest number during his uniformed The Citizens. He also had penetrated his limits, since he most “just” carve 23 goals in one season in the league – that is in City in the 2011/2012 season.

An increase in performance of Aguero, because arguably Atletico Madrid’s former player underwent the last two seasons with unfavorable where continuous injury struck, hamstring and calf. In the second season with the City, she performed 40 times and only make 17 goals in all competitions, while last season he made 28 goals from 34 appearances.

Aguero only once a season when a knee injury which sidelined in mid-December. Strict diet so secret Aguero okay performance where the 28-year-old began to reduce pasta, sugar, and meat, which proved it is to perform optimally and free from injury.

“I had to change my lifestyle, starting from food. I need a more healthy way of life,” said Aguero on Soccernet.

“Thank God I did not experience muscle past this season, just a little problem in the knee,” he continued.

“I visited a doctor in Italy and he checked what I was doing, and I was a little much should change the diet – no more pasta, no more sugar and meat, where I used to eat it because the quality is very good Argentine meat.”

“Hopefully this season proves that this method works well and I could go on like this until retirement.”

“Last season I had a bit of trouble when live training session. An example of just over three times the practice session I had to stop – so I had to fix it.”

“I also have to undergo many treatment sessions over – now I hope to continue like this until the end of my career,” added Aguero.